[vchart year=”2014″ bottle=”angle” rating=”7″]
[vchart year=”2013″ bottle=”angle” rating=”7″]
[vchart year=”2012″ bottle=”angle” rating=”8″]
[vchart year=”2011″ bottle=”angle” rating=”7″]
[vchart year=”2010″ bottle=”angle” rating=”9″]
[vchart year=”2009″ bottle=”angle” rating=”8″]
[vchart year=”2008″ bottle=”angle” rating=”8″]
[vchart year=”2007″ bottle=”angle” rating=”9″]
[vchart year=”2006″ bottle=”angle” rating=”7″]
[vchart year=”2005″ bottle=”angle” rating=”10″]
[vchart year=”2004″ bottle=”up” rating=”7″]

[vchart year=”2003″ bottle=”up” rating=”7″]
[vchart year=”2002″ bottle=”up” rating=”9″]
[vchart year=”2001″ bottle=”up” rating=”5″]
[vchart year=”2000″ bottle=”up” rating=”8″]
[vchart year=”1999″ bottle=”up” rating=”7″]
[vchart year=”1998″ bottle=”up” rating=”8″]
[vchart year=”1997″ bottle=”up” rating=”9″]
[vchart year=”1996″ bottle=”up” rating=”8″]
[vchart year=”1995″ bottle=”up” rating=”9″]
[vchart year=”1994″ bottle=”up” rating=”6″]
[vchart year=”1993″ bottle=”up” rating=”8″]

[vchart year=”1992″ bottle=”up” rating=”7″]
[vchart year=”1991″ bottle=”up” rating=”5″]
[vchart year=”1990″ bottle=”up” rating=”10″]
[vchart year=”1989″ bottle=”up” rating=”10″]
[vchart year=”1988″ bottle=”up” rating=”8″]
[vchart year=”1987″ bottle=”up” rating=”5″]
[vchart year=”1986″ bottle=”up” rating=”7″]
[vchart year=”1985″ bottle=”up” rating=”8″]
[vchart year=”1983″ bottle=”up” rating=”9″]
[vchart year=”1982″ bottle=”up” rating=”5″]
[vchart year=”1981″ bottle=”up” rating=”7″]
[vchart year=”1980″ bottle=”up” rating=”4″]

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