Celine and Isabelle Meyer reflect on the challenging 2017 vintage at Domaine Josmeyer:

This vintage can best be symbolised as a feather; so light in volume but bright and sharp, with grace.

In just one night at the end of April, during the course of a few hours between midnight and dawn, a breath of icy air swept through the vineyards, leaving nothing but frozen buds behind.

With huge trepidation, and a sense of helplessness, we went to see the vines and assess the levels of damage. Our first step was to protect the vines that had escaped unscathed on the hillside. We had to be patient and gradually life returned to the vines.

However, an unpredictable summer followed, characterised by oppressive heat and dehydrated soils. 

Immediately prior to the harvest, the grapes were perfectly sound but tiny; a patchwork of miniature grapes, scattered accross the vines.

Under a burning sun, the harvest began on August 29th, starting with the Pinot Auxerrois from Rotenberg. 

The yields, with an average of 29hl/Ha, were derisory and within a few days, all the Pinot was picked.

Fortunately, we waited to pick the Rieslings, which were not totally mature, and were rewarded with rainfall followed by sunshine. The juices are full bodied and rich,  but with acidity.

Our wines are now all evolving together in our cellar, with the help of the moon, the stars and the constellations.

When considering them, I am reminded of the verses of the french poet Jean Marie Berthier, who passed away in 2017…

“ What comes from the sky

always rises from the ground”

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