The Winner of the 2107 Pol Roger Duff Cooper Prize was announced last night.  It is Anne Applebaum’s Red Famine, an account of the great Ukrainian famine of the early 1930’s.

The prize of £5,000 was presented to Anne Applebaum at a reception in the French Embassy by the Ministre Conseiller, M. François Revardeaux, representing the French Ambassador, His Excellency Jean-Pierre Jouyet. Anne Applebaum is  the only author to win the prize twice – she won in 2013 for her Gulag.


The Pol Roger Duff Cooper prize celebrates the best in non-fiction writing, and it is now administered New College, Oxford. The first award was made in 1956, to Alan Moorehead for his book Gallipoli, and it has been awarded annually ever since.


In 1932-33, nearly four million Ukrainians died of starvation, having been deliberately deprived of food. With unprecedented authority and detail, Anne Applebaum’s Red Famine investigates how this happened, who was responsible, and what the consequences were. It is the fullest account yet published of these terrible events.

Artemis Cooper, chair of the Pol Roger -Duff Cooper Prize judges, says ‘In this beautifully-written book, Applebaum takes the reader through one of the most appalling episodes of the Soviet past. Not every historian can look with such an unflinching gaze into the depths of evil and human misery, and write about it with such clarity and compassion.’


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‘Powerful, relentless, shocking, compelling – Red Famine will cement Applebaum’s deserved reputation as the leading historian of Soviet crimes’.

The Times

‘Robert Conquest’s The Harvest of Sorrow (1986) was a seminal work… but with greater access to Soviet archives, and a more elegant turn of phrase, Applebaum’sRed Famine  is now the definitive version’

Financial Times

‘With searing clarity,  Red Famine demonstrates the horrific consequences of a campaign to eradicate “backwardness” when undertaken by a regime in a state of war with its own people…’


‘Harrowing and brilliant … I would recommend Red Famine to anyone who wants to understand what is happening in Ukraine and Russia today’

New Statesman

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