Champagne Pol Roger is extremely proud of its heritage and the painstaking care invested in the production of every bottle of Champagne. This is an ethos shared by Jaguar Land Rover, and because of this a mutual bond  has been struck up over the years. Indeed it was as a result of this that Pol Roger commissioned one of the last Land Rover Defenders in 2014, now no longer in production.

Following this, it was only natural that a new project would be in the offing. And so it was that we were granted unprecedented access to the Land Rover production facilities in order to shoot a truly unique advert. Featuring the historical tools used in the manufacture of the Land Rover (Series 1, 2, 3, 90 and Defender), and a piece of crafted aluminium shaped to look like a bottle of Pol Roger, riveted and finished in the iconic green Land Rover Defender paint, we are delighted to share with you the outcome of a truly collaborative project between these two companies with shared ideals and values.

This advert marks the third in a ‘Hand Crafted’ series, following earlier partnerships with Tailor, Charlie Allen and Milliner, Rachel Trevor Morgan. As with this latest addition, we wanted to champion the skill and craftsmanship at the heart of both of their trades; attributes integral to the production of Champagne Pol Roger, which has been hand crafted since 1849.

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