Celine and Isabelle Meyer have revealed the « Artist » Series 2017 – 2018 designed by their late father Jean Meyer

“Our father Jean Meyer’s first passion was undoubtedly wine. We still hear his words, judicious and accurate, and his bottles are still showing their youth and his strong character.

Latterly, we found out about our father’s second passion, his hobby. Only a few years before his death and aware of his disease’s fatal outcome, he started to sort out his photos and to gather them by themes, either in his computer or in albums.

Of course, we knew about the family albums full of holiday pictures, brimming with smiles and full of nostalgia, however in this other series of images, there was another overarching theme; his sensitivity.

These pictures were taken when he was travelling, walking in the woods, visiting museums and are evidence of his artistic eye, attracted by the unknown or the unexpected.

He was able to see the poetic charm of broken windows and the beauty of the world in sun reflecting on water. He was able to catch the timelessness of a landscape or the profound loneliness of a couple, sat in front of the sea. Those were moments of life and moments of grace, unusual scenes mixed with research about nature and art.

We chose these 4 pictures because there is a link between them, and we also wanted to be faithful to the colour of the grape variety they represent in the bottle. The sunwashed walls, almost bruised by the years and the bad weather, seem alive. Their modern twist gives energy. Their wistfulness touches. And their poetry makes us wonder what could possibly be behind those walls.

Thrilled by his work, we told him that we wanted to illustrate the next Artist Series with some of his pictures. He looked at us, for once unsure and even shy and replied : « But I am not an artist ».

Oh yes dad, you are and will forever remain, an artist.”

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