Award-winning Columbian rum producer, Dictador, will be unveiling its limited edition ‘2 Masters’ ultra-premium rum collection with an exclusive tasting event at The Ritz, London, on September 25th, 2018.

Glenfarclas has been chosen for the second time as the Whisky collaborator.

2 Masters is a pioneering rum project consisting of a series of exceptional partnerships between Dictador and premier Cognac, Whisky, Champagne, Armagnac, Bordeaux and Sauternes houses from around the globe.

The first program of its kind, 2 Masters was conceived over two years ago when Dictador Rum Master Blender, Hernan Parra, embarked on a mission to create a truly remarkable and unique collection of sipping spirits by uniting with top producers in the wine and spirits community. Selected and invited by Parra, this esteemed group of skilled artisans agreed to take the creative lead on finishing some of Dictador’s finest, decades-old (minimum 40 years) Columbian rum.

Hernan Parra, Master Blender, Dictador says: “Allowing complementary Masters to finish the liquid that my family has nurtured for decades is not only a leap of faith, but a form of art. Choosing the correct Houses to participate was incredibly important in that there had to be a symbiotic relationship between myself and the other artisans who would agree to craft a version of our rum that would not just be liquid art, but an eventual masterpiece.”

Six exclusive rum collaborations have been created with only 360 to 390 bottles of each type of 2 Masters available globally. UK bottles (70cl) are available from Harrods where prices will start from £340 and could reach over £1000.”

Callum Fraser, Master Distiller at Glenfarclas Whisky Distillery in Speyside says: “We were delighted to work with a 45-year-old Dictador Rum from a 1972 single vintage cask, which was finished in fine port casks and then shipped to us. We matured our Dictador Rum Glenfarclas 1972 for a further seven months in a Glenfarclas 2002 third-fill Jerez Sherry cask to create a truly exquisite liquid.

“Being involved in the innovative 2 Masters project has been an incredible experience for us. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Dictador, a prestigious spirits company which takes the time to truly innovate in the industry – and we’re delighted with our end result.”

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