We are delighted to announce the release of new limited edition Glenfarclas 1966 Fino Cask, intended as the first in a series of 6 special bottlings from the  family owned distillery.

Only 1,444 bottles have been produced from 3 Fino Sherry Casks and will be available in the UK from the 1st November.

The official launch took place at the bodegas of José y Miguel Martin in Seville, a long-standing supplier of sherry casks to Glenfarclas, used for ageing their distinctive sherry influenced Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky.

George Grant, Glenfarclas Sales Director, says, “With casks this old, it is sometimes difficult to know their exact history. Fortunately my Grandfather always kept meticulous records, so from his diaries we discovered this small parcel of Fino casks that he had purchased from an Edinburgh broker back in the 1960s.

We normally use Oloroso casks for maturation, as we feel this best complements the character of our whiskies, however, here the Fino brings out a lighter side to Glenfarclas, certainly on the nose. The familiar Glenfarclas style is much more present on the palate, but without the bitter, chocolate notes that you often find.”

Grant also noted that, although the distillery has released some Fino cask expressions in the past, at 47 years old, this is by far the oldest.

Each bottle is packaged in a black leather box bearing a silver coin which features a portrait of John Grant, George’s great, great, great grandfather who purchased the distillery in 1865. It marks the first in a series of 6 different special releases of Glenfarclas, one for each member of the family, although Grant would only reveal that “We have something completely different lined up for the next one but you’ll just need to wait and see!”

Fino cask
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