The Kilchoman Comraich is a carefully selected group of the world’s finest whisky bars. In the UK, Milroy’s of Soho the Hideout in Bath and the Balmoral in Edinburgh, are the first highly prized Comraichean to join this exclusive collection.

The Comraich concept has its origins in the rich history of Islay. The derelict Kilchoman Church stands beneath the cliffs of Creag Mhór, half a mile west of the distillery. Amongst its artefacts are early Christian sanctuary stones, demarking an area surrounding the church of Comraich (Gaelic for sanctuary), thus creating a haven of serenity. Kilchoman envisage that their Comraichean will offer whisky lovers across the globe access to a sanctuary away from the commotion of the outside world, dedicated to the enjoyment of Kilchoman Single Malt.

Kilchoman fans visiting Milroy’s the Hideout and the Balmoral can expect unrivalled access to Kilchoman Single Malts, including limited edition Kilchoman Comraich bottlings. Released in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, the four Comraich bottlings will be small batch vattings of casks personally selected by Kilchoman founder, Anthony Wills, and will be bottled at cask strength, available exclusively from Comraich partners.

Callum Rixson, General Manager of the Hideout, said of the partnership “Here at the Hideout we are extremely passionate about whisky and love to share our knowledge and passion with our customers and others in the industry. So, when I received the news that we had been chosen to represent Kilchoman as one of the three Comraich bars in the UK, I was ecstatic! We are really looking forward to working closely with Kilchoman as they are a brand that has the same values, attitude and passion towards whisky as ourselves. Plus, the whisky is banging as well, so that helps!”

 Patrick McCourt, Buyer for Milroy’s of Soho, added “Milroys are delighted to be stocking the new Kilchoman Comraich 10 year old. This particular release will be available exclusively to the Milroy’s bar in London, so come on over and have a dram!”

Cameron Ewen, from the Balmoral adds “We are so thrilled to be partnering with Kilchoman for this release and even more pleased we will be the only bar in Scotland to be offer Comraich to our guests. At The Balmoral we look to create a special atmosphere for our guests, a sanctuary of Scottish Hospitality if you will. This release will sit proudly in our collection and will provide a fantastic unique expression from one of the most exciting distilleries in Scotland”

Kilchoman Single Islay Malt Announce Comraich in the UK; a Network of the World’s Finest Whisky Bars
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