This year’s Kilchoman European Landrover Tour kicked off on Monday with a stop in Glasgow at the Good Spirits Company where George Wills held the first exclusive tasting of the limited edition Kilchoman Landrover Tour bottling. We then headed to the west coast with a stop in Ayr at Robbies Drams and continued down country with the first stop in England at House of Malt Carlisle!

George Wills headed close to home on his next stop onThe Kilchoman Tour to the Independent Spirit of Bath on Wednesday 26th September, where he showed a range of the Kilchoman products as well as the Tour Bottling, which was Cask Strength Machir Bay. This was only available if purchased through the tour.

Independent Spirits of Bath are an avid supporter of Kilchoman and have bought their own cask that they will be bottling from the distillery next year.It was full house and the shop was packed.

The Kilchoman Tour proved very successful in the UK, thank you to all of those who took part. Now onto Europe!
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