The Wills family, who founded Kilchoman, Islay’s Farm Distillery, in 2005, has a far longer history with Land Rover than its 10 years of age would belie. Spencer Wilks who, with his brother Maurice, conceived the idea for the original Land Rover during the 1940s and developed the vehicle on the rough tracks and lanes around his Islay holiday home, was Kathy Wills’s Grandfather.

Spencer owned the Laggan estate on Islay, which is where the prototype vehicles were tested, and in July 2004 the Wills family moved to Laggan Farmhouse, which had remained within the family, to set up the Kilchoman Distillery.

Land Rover recently arranged a trip to Islay to visit the Kilchoman Distillery and retrace the history of the renowned Land Rover Series 1.

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