Glenfarclas Highland Single Malt is famed for its whiskies matured in sherry casks. It is no surprise that the sourcing of their sherry casks reflects the painstaking pride taken in all aspects of the production process. As a 6-generation family company, the Grants understand the commitment to quality that comes from preserving and furthering a family firm, and they have found a match in Jose Y Miguel Martin.

Jose Y Miguel Martin is a Bodega based out of Jerez and Huleva, Spain. They focus on the production of a variety of Sherries and bespoke casks, predominantly for the whisky industry. Miguel Martin has spent over thirty years working with the Scottish Whisky Industry to produce casks that suit the need of various distilleries. The casks made for Glenfarclas start as staves from highly exclusive Spanish oak from the north of Spain, they are then air dried for up to eighteen months before being given a very high toast at the cooperage. Both sherry butts and Hogsheads are then filled with Oloroso Sherry for as long as two years, before finally making the week long journey to the distillery in Speyside.

John Grant and Miguel Martin are firm friends; the figureheads of two longstanding family-owned companies, they understand what makes the other tick.

A visit to the bodega reveals that it is not mere chance that Glenfarclas Single Malt is widely celebrated for its sherried palate; the sherry and the casks in which Glenfarclas matures are the outcome of extraordinary craftsmanship. The two families work closely together to ensure that the casks are finished to the exacting Glenfarclas specification; the oak, the size of cask, the toast, the style of sherry, the length of time with sherry in cask.

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