In 2004 Thomas Hine & Co., acquired Domaines Hine, an exceptional estate of 120 hectares (296 acres) in the Grande Champagne district, situated in the tiny parish of Bonneuil, on the gently undulating hills above the picturesque Colinaud valley.

The Domaines HINE 2005 Vintage marks the beginning of the Bonneuil Collection, the first Vintage release from their estate. For each year, a careful selection will be made to create a new addition to the collection – unless, of course, the quality of the harvest does not fully meet our highly exacting standards. Only 18 casks of Bonneuil 2005 were selected for bottling.

Eric Forget, Hine Cellar Master and Estate Manager states “Everything starts with the vines.  I have therefore created this Domaines HINE, 2005 Vintage, like an oenologist would create a great wine, with the same attention to detail during every step of its life.”


Bonneuil 2005 is an exotic cognac, developing powerful aromas of fully matured grapes together with hints of gingerbread, liquorice and oriental spices on the nose. It has great presence on the palate revealing a rich and jam like texture. The warm aromas of honey, pineapple and cloves lead to an oriental finish lingering deliciously on the palate.

Domaines HINE Bonneuil 2005 pack shot
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