David Abreu has painstakingly cultivated a style of winemaking in the Napa Valley over 30 years, focusing on the vineyards, soils and fruit, that has, deservedly gained him celebrity. Born and bred in the Napa Valley, he produces iconic, single vineyard wines from his 28 hectares of vineyard in the Napa Valley.

The cabernet-driven blends, from the meticulous properties of Madrona Ranch, Cappella, Las Posadas and Thorevilos, are proof of his long-honed expertise as to what makes one vineyard exceptional, and another just great.

Five wines are produced, all in very small quantities. Madrona Ranch, Thorevilos, Capella and Howell Mountain Las Posadas are single vineyard sites and Rothwell Hyde is a blend of all sites. Low yields, two sortings and co-fermentation by varietal are what makes these wines truly unique; 100 barrels are refined down to only 12,000 bottles.


Rothwell Hyde Estate Red 2014


Thorevilos 2014

Available early 2019.

Cappella 2014


Howell Mountain, Las Posadas 2014

Available early 2019.

Madrona Ranch 2014


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