Pol Roger Portfolio

"If I were to choose just one house from which to source a vintage champagne to lay down, there is no question that I would choose Pol Roger." Tom Stevenson

Bernard HineFor almost 250 years the quality of Hine Cognacs, refined through six generations, has been recognised the world over. Hine selects its eau-de-vie exclusively from the top Crus of Grande and Petite Champagne in the very heart of the Cognac region. The House of Hine stands on the banks of the River Charente and, it is in its dark, ancient cellars that their unrivalled collection of cognac reserves gently age in mature oak casks. Family tradition dictates that Hine cognacs are aged far longer than the minimum time required by French Law. They prefer to set their own, higher standards so that their cognacs are only released when they have reached maturity. The Hine Cellar Master is highly skilled in creating harmonious blends of consistent style and quality. And Hine is one of the few houses to specialise in Vintage cognacs, either matured in Jarnac, or shipped to the UK at an early age and matured in cool, damp British cellars, and bottled as Early-Landed Vintages.

In 1962 the  exceptional quality of Hine was officially recognised when the company was awarded the Royal Warrant for the supply of cognac to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and is the only Cognac to have received this honour.

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