Journey into the imagination of Alma BUCCIALI - Josmeyer's New Artist Series for the 2020 Wines

Alma Bucciali is a young woman anchored in our times. The red of her lips is frank, assertive and as deep as her character. She grew up in her father’s workshop, the tailor-doucier Remy Bucciali, in Colmar, in contact with artists such as Tomi Ungerer or Raymond Waydelich whose look and technique will have a decisive influence on her work. Visual artist at heart, the question of her future does not arise. She joined the Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Lorraine then the Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Nancy in 2012. Her sensitivity led her to embroidery, engraving, drawing and textile media, which become her preferred modes of expression.

Alma is nourished by Art and her sources of inspiration are numerous. First of all, Rhenish Art, the cradle of her origins, surrounds her. The work of the painter Mathias Grunenwald, inhabited by chimeras and figures half human half animal inspires her. The delicacy of the features and the great humanity of Holbein’s portraits touches her. There is also this fascination for ancient Egypt and its gods such as Horus, Anubis represented with their falcon or jackal faces on their human bodies. She loves and seeks this contrast between the real and the imaginary. Militant and feminist artist, the finesse of her drawings touches us and her meticulous sense of detail impresses.

The soothing serenity of the Unicorn, surrounded by lush green plants, evokes the importance of our indoor garden in these confined and difficult times. The depth of Oberon’s glance, the king of the fairies, holding a « Thought of love” between his long fingers captivates. All around, the sky beats, immense and constellated. The Pinot Gris card player looks like the Mona Lisa. Playful, her mask preserves her mystery and the intimacy of her emotions. Free and moving, the Koï carp sheds its bubbles of life and walks its glowing beauty through the tranquility of the waters. Between humanity and animality, these characters invite us to travel beyond appearances.