2013 saw the 250th anniversary of the founding of Hine Cognacs whose quality, refined through six generations, has been recognised the world over. Hine selects its eau-de-vie exclusively from the top Crus of Grande and Petite Champagne in the very heart of the Cognac region. The house of Hine stands on the banks of the River Charente and, it is in its dark, ancient cellars that their unrivalled collection of cognac reserves gently age in mature oak casks under the supervision of Hine’s Cellar Master, Eric Forget. Family tradition dictates that Hine cognacs are aged far longer than the minimum time required by French law. They prefer to set their own, higher standards so that their cognacs are only released when they have reached maturity.

Hine is one of the few houses to specialise in Vintage cognacs, either matured in Jarnac, or shipped to the UK at an early age and matured in cool, damp British cellars, and bottled as Early-landed Vintages. In 1962 the exceptional quality of Hine was officially recognised when the company was awarded the Royal Warrant for the supply of cognac to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the only Cognac house to have received this honour.

H by HINE 2016

H by Hine VSOP

A blend created of 20 Grande and Petite Champagne cognacs all over four years old. H by Hine is a young and fresh VSOP. Enjoyable neat, it also makes a perfect base for many cocktails both long and short.

Tasting Note:

H is Hine’s most floral cognac. Lively and fresh with hints of jasmine, iris and lily of the valley.


Hine Rare VSOP

A Fine Champagne blend of more than 25 Grande and Petite Champagne cognacs with an average age of approximately 10 years.

Tasting Note:

Rare is Hine’s most delicate cognac with acacia and fruity aromas. Well balanced, mellow and delightfully smooth on the palate.


Hine Antique XO Premier Cru

Hine Antique XO was originally created in 1920 by Georges Hine, grandfather of Bernard Hine, today’s honorary Chairman. His personal nickname for the casks of mature vintage cognacs in Hine’s ancient cellars was “antiques”. Hine has created a new bespoke blend of over 40 cognacs exclusively from the Grande Champagne district, the finest Cru of the cognac region for this new bottle and label. The average age of the blend is 20 years.

Tasting Note:

Antique XO Premier Cru is Hine’s most elegant cognac. On the nose there are aromas of spices, vanilla and liquorice, intermingled with irresistible hints of chocolate and baked apple, finishing with an aromatic, rich, mouth-filling flavour.

Domaines HINE Bonneuil 2005 pack shot

Domaines Hine Bonneuil 2005

The 2005 Vintage marks the beginning of the Bonneuil Collection, the first Vintage release from their estate. Eric Forget, Hine Cellar Master and Estate Manager states “Everything starts with the vines.  I have therefore created this Domaines Hine, 2005 Vintage, like an oenologist would create a great wine, with the same attention to detail during every step of its life.”

Tasting Note:

Bonneuil 2005 is an exotic cognac, developing powerful aromas of fully matured grapes together with hints of gingerbread, liquorice and oriental spices on the nose. It has great presence on the palate revealing a rich and jam like texture. The warm aromas of honey, pineapple and cloves lead to an oriental finish lingering deliciously on the palate

Pack shot HINE Bonneuil 2006 bottle & giftbox

Domaines Hine Bonneuil 2006

The Domaines HINE 2006 Vintage marks the second vintage of the Bonneuil Collection from their estate, following on from the 2005. Eric Forget, Hine’s cellar master and estate manager, explains that 2006 was a year with very mixed weather: hot periods were immediately followed by heavy rains and storms. However, the weather turned fine just before and held during the all important harvest period. The result is a cognac with dominant fruity notes.

Tasting Note

Bonneuil 2006 is generous and suave and evokes candied apricot and nougat enhanced by delicate hints of toasted bread. A subtle hint of lychee awakens aromas of exotic fruits, honeyed flavours and roasted peach.


Hine Triomphe

Triomphe was created by Edouard Hine in 1888 to celebrate the victory of man over phylloxera, the disease which ravaged the French vineyards. The Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie which compose this rare blend were selected and put aside 50 to 60 years ago for their exceptional complexity, finesse and delicacy.

Tasting Note:

Hine’s most complex blended cognac. Great depth and finesse on the nose with nuances of apricots, crystallised fruits and liquorice which follow through on the palate and long-lasting aftertaste.


Hine Mariage

A unique blend of a dozen Grande Champagne vintage cognacs selected from the years between 1921 and 1959 from the Hine “Paradis”, presented in a beautiful Baccarat crystal decanter.

Tasting Note:

A cognac of great depth and structure with complex aromas of hazelnuts and walnuts, subtle velvety hints of vanilla on the palate with an exceptionally long finish.

Hine Talent

Talent de Thomas Hine was conceived in 1991 by Bernard and Jacques Hine to celebrate the bicentenary of their, great, great, great, great grandfather’s arrival in France. A special Grande Champagne blend is presented in a unique, numbered Baccarat crystal decanter to which a silversmith has added a silver band. The decanter is displayed in a hand-crafted case of Maccasar Ebony from India and Honduran Mahogany accented with inlaid tracery of violet wood, which can be converted into a cigar humidor. Four crystal tulip-shaped cognac glasses designed by Bernard Hine complete the set.


Hine Vintages

Hine Vintages are a great rarity. Over the centuries Hine has developed an undisputed expertise and reputation for Vintage Cognacs. In certain years, when favourable climatic conditions have yielded an exceptional harvest, Hine sets aside a few casks of cognac from the Grande Champagne area to be matured as Vintages.

Some of these casks will be aged in Hine’s cellars beneath their offices and are destined to become Jarnac Matured Vintages. Since the early nineteenth century Hine has followed the tradition of shipping casks of Cognac to Britain to be matured as Hine Early-Landed Cognac. Shipment must be accomplished when the young Grande Champagne is at least two years old. In order to preserve their identity, Hine Vintages will be aged for 20 to 25 years in cask before they are mature and ready for bottling.

Tasting Note:

Each Vintage will have its own individual character. Jarnac Matured Vintages have more power and body with fuller aromas of vanilla, leather, coffee and spices whilst the Early-Landed Vintages have a more delicate, floral and fruity character.

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