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About Casanova di Neri

Founded in 1971 by Giovanni Neri, in 2021 Casanova di Neri celebrated its 50th anniversary. A long-standing lover of wine, Giovanni had a dream to make a great Italian red and chose the northeast of Montalcino to do so. The property currently consists of 500 hectares, of which 156 hectares are dedicated to Sangiovese vines, and the rest left as woodland, olive groves and arable land.

Giovanni’s son, Giacomo Neri, now holds the reins, and is accompanied by the third generation, his sons Giovanni and Gianlorenzo. The family are renowned for having set the benchmark for Montalcino’s single-vineyard wines. The wines are luxurious, rich and lusciously textural, with a consistent excellence across their vintages and distinctive terroirs.

Casanova di Neri believe that the reputation of Sangiovese has too long been stained by inadequate handling of its tannins. To combat this and produce wines with attractive, ripe tannins, they de-stem all the fruit by hand, then further refine the harvest with an optical sorter. A mostly underground winery incorporates low impact and gravity flow, allowing the wines to be treated as gently as possible. The result: wines notable in their purity and harmony, from their tannins to their colour and aroma.


A blend from dedicated vineyards which receive the same care as for the production of Brunello, the wine spends 12-15 months in oak before being bottled. Deliciously accessible, it is a superb introduction to the Casanova di Neri range.


In celebration of the winery’s 50th anniversary and founder, this unique bottling expresses the distinctive philosophy and style of Casanova di Neri. The Sangiovese used here comes from a small vineyard with 45 year old vines. 




The nose of the Brunello begins with a relatively simple, though sumptuous, balance of small red fruits, spices, and hints of deep chocolate. The magnificence of the vintage however comes out in the first taste, as ripe tannins combine with a bright acidity to yield a deliciously luxurious wine that gives immediate pleasure, but will also happily lay in the cellar for years to come. 



Coming from the Italian for ‘New Property’, this wine came about as a result of Casanova di Neri’s pioneering efforts to grow Sangiovese in places it had never grown before. Careful investigation of the terroir heralded great things to come, and the result is a wine with immense richness, depth and purity. Beautiful balsamic warmth is characteristic of the Tenuta Nuova.


A truly exceptional bottling, the Cerretalto epitomises the core tenets of Casanova di Neri’s wines: Intuition, Passion, and Vision. 

A combination of mineral-rich soils, a unique micro-climate, low yields and the distinctive Casanova di Neri Style results in a sanguine wine that transcends its time and place.


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