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Pol Roger Pure Extra Brut

The newest addition to complete the Pol Roger range of Champagnes, this cuvée is above all an exercise in the house style, seeking to craft a wine in its most natural state without the addition of any sweetening dosage.

An expression of the diversity of terroirs, this non-vintage Champagne is born of the perfect balance of the three traditional regional grape varieties, blended in equal proportion. Pol Roger carefully selects reserve wines drawn across at least three years to gain the right balance of flavour and structure necessary for an undosed Champagne.

Its inherent freshness combined with a mature and concentrated bouquet make it particularly suited to shellfish, crayfish and seafood in general.

  • Cépage (Pinot Noir) 33% 33%
  • Cépage (Chardonnay) 34% 34%
  • Cépage (Pinot Meunier) 33% 33%
  • Dosage (0g/l) 0% 0%

Vinification and Maturation

The must undergoes two débourbages (settlings), one at the press house immediately after pressing and the second, a débourbage à froid, in stainless steel tanks at 6°C over a 24 hour period. A slow cool fermentation with the temperature kept under 18ºC takes place in stainless steel, with each variety and each village kept separate until final blending. The wine undergoes a full malolactic fermentation. Secondary fermentation takes place in bottle at 9ºC in the deepest Pol Roger cellars (33 metres below street level) where the wine is kept until it undergoes remuage (riddling) by hand, a rarity in Champagne nowadays. A minimum of four years maturation on the lees allows this cuvée to have a remarkable balance and structure. The fine and persistent mousse for which Pol Roger is renowned owes much to these deep, cool and damp cellars. Usually matured post disgorgement for three months, the UK market benefits from an additional six months before release.

 The Cuvée

Pol Roger Pure was created to complete the Pol Roger range of Champagnes. Released in 2008, this cuvée is above all an exercise in the house style. The objective is to create a wine in its most natural state, which expresses the diversity of terroirs. This undosed Champagne is produced from the perfect balance between the three grape varieties, blended in equal proportions. The achievement of such a balance and structure is the fruit of a long lasting labour. 

Tasting Notes

The dense golden colour is punctuated with thousands of tiny bubbles. The nose, fresh and lively, offers an enticing fusion of cloves and rose, gradually developing into hints of toasted breadcrumbs and citrus. The wine is clean and crisp on the palate, surprisingly so after such a mature, concentrated nose. Fine as an arrow, but with a marked balance that opens up into flavours of honey and cloves. An effortlessly long finish, this wine is svelte and shapely. 

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