Viña El Pison

About Viña El Pison

Located 480m above sea level lies the inimitable Viña El Pison. Situated on a modest incline and encircled by an old stone fence, it has a timeless quality that is mirrored in the wine. It is a reflection of the competence of the land’s ancestors, and the passion of those who want to keep the spirit of a vineyard alive.

The delicate balance between all of the natural agents that comprise this unique environment produces a wine that is full of subtle minerality, fine fruit, and both complex and delicate seasoned nuances and tannins that have enveloping and caressing volumes. This is a wine with surprising expressivity; a wine with a natural elegance that provokes deep and changing feelings. 


100% Tempranillo

An extraordinary vineyard, an extraordinary wine. The pure expression of the symbiosis between soil, climate, vine and man. The generous sweetness is held together by a message of contained energy. This is a feast of sensations;
difficult to understand, and full of sensibility and mystery. Viña El Pison is a wine to lay down and to enjoy time’s magic.

Pol Roger Wine

A Family Promise: Expect the Extraordinary