Nigel Kinsman is something of a trail blazer in the Napa Valley. It was just a matter of time before he made his own wine and that time came in 2016, when, together with his wife Shae, they achieved a long-held dream; they crushed their first fruit.

Their vision is for site-driven, singular expressions of origin and history. The winemaking is characteristic of Nigel’s deftness of touch. The wines are fruit lead and characterful; they celebrate the interesting edges rather than polishing them away.

Their objective is ‘to make compelling wines that sing of their origins’.  Nigel and Shae have an instinctive understanding of what makes a vineyard truly special. There are currently two wines, Rhadamanthus and Anjea, attest to this intuition.

ANJEA 2016

Warm, freshly-picked blueberries lightly dusted in cocoa. Sweet tobacco, anise. Oolong tea. Freshly roasted coffee grounds. Salty liquorice in 95% dark chocolate. Long and concentrated. Focused. Precise. Fine ribbon of assertive tannin. Floral lifted. What is sweet and alluring up front quickly turns self-assured and serious.


Lashings of brambly fruit – blackberries that have ripened under abundant sun. A mélange of exotic spices and dried herbs. Milk chocolate. Tobacco leaf. Concentrated and seamless. Dense and sweet upfront – almost unctuous – pulled together by fine yet grippy tannins for a captivating mouthfeel. Generous, with a long, layered finish. Opulent. Complete.