Leiper's Fork Distillery

About Leiper’s Fork Distillery

Just like the hamlet to which it owes its name, Leiper’s Fork Distillery is a distillation of American history which aims to achieve long-term authenticity using age-old techniques. Independent and family owned, the small batch whiskey distillery is located in Williamson County, Tennessee. The first legal distillery in the town in over 100 years, their goal since filling their first barrel in the Spring of 2016 has been to resurrect the lost art of small batch whiskey production that was prevalent in the hills of Middle Tennessee. The combination of local ingredients, time-honoured techniques and an unquenchable passion for their whiskey results in a premium product that is entirely the work of their own hands.

A ‘grain to glass’ whiskey in its purest form, over 75% of the grain used is grown by the distillery. From milling to bottling every aspect of Leiper’s Fork goes through the owners’ hands. Producing only 25,000 gallons of whiskey annually, Leiper’s Fork truly are a small batch distillery. By touching every aspect of the production process, and keeping it in house, they seek to honour the creed of pouring one’s heart and soul into every drop of whiskey. Two whiskeys are available to be purchased for the first time in the UK: the Tennessee Whiskey, and the Bourbon Whiskey.

Pre-Prohibition Style Whiskey

Sweet Mash Fermentation Process

An old technique only incorporated by a handful of distilleries across the country. By not adding sour and acidic backset to the mash, the sweet mash process adds a soft and mellow character to the whiskey.

Low Distillation Proof

Inefficient by design. Leiper’s Fork whiskeys exit the still at a proof of 137, resulting in a distillate with a richer depth of flavour reminiscent of whiskeys produced at the turn of the 20th century.

Bottled in Bond Act 1897

One of the first consumer protection laws in the world. Minimum 4 years aging, 100 proof (50%), single distillery and only using barrels from a single distilling season and no additions.

Now it represents authenticity and quality. Aside from a single barrel, a Bottled in Bond expression represents the distillery in its purest form.

Scottish Swan Neck Pot Still

Holding 500-gallons, this beauty was built specifically for Leiper’s Fork by Vendome Copper & Brass. This results in a whiskey that is full bodied and velvet on the palate. Capable of producing a less rectified and more nuanced spirit.

Low Barrel Entry Proof

Before Prohibition, whiskeys had to enter the barrel at a low proof of 110, instead of 125 (today’s norm). These whiskeys enter the barrel at 110, giving a well-rounded palate and a very balanced profile.

Independence and Quality Through Local Ingredients

Family owned and independent, Leiper’s Fork Distillery produces low volume and high-quality whiskey. They use locally grown corn, wheat, rye, and barley, all of which are of a local non-GMO heritage variety. Each varietal is grown along the Harpeth River Valley, located very near the distillery. They grow up to 75% of the corn on their own farm and do 100% of the milling.

Uniquely, the grain bills used for all their whiskeys include malted barley that is toasted. By toasting the barley malt before use, they gain an extra dimension and add a deeper complexity to the profile of the whiskey. The barley makes up 15% of the mash bill on both whiskeys, allowing it to shine as a flavouring component.

The whiskeys are 100% produced – from milling to bottling – by Leiper’s Fork Distillery’s own hands, to their own specifications.

The blending is done in 10–20 barrel batches by Ashley Barnes. Producing only 25,000 gallons of whiskey annually, they are truly a small batch distillery.

By touching every aspect of the production process, Leiper’s Fork feel they are honouring their creed of pouring their heart and soul into every drop of whiskey they produce from grain to glass.

Tennessee Whiskey

The charcoal filtration through sugar maple lends a heartwarmingly deep flavour that is every bit as satisfying to the nose as to the palate.

Alcohol: 50%ABV

Mashbill: 70% Corn, 15% Rye, 15% Malted Barley
Age: 4 Years
Tasting Note: Milk chocolate, roasted coffee, ripe plum, dark cherry and honey nose. A complex palate of caramel, red berries and baking spices. Complexity increases as it rests in the glass. A whiskey that is every bit as satisfying to the nose as to sip.

Bourbon Whiskey

A wheated Bourbon that presents delightful flavours of butterscoth, sweet herbs and dried citrus.

Alcohol: 50%ABV

Mashbill: 70% Corn, 15% Wheat, 15% Malted Barley
Age: 4 Years
Tasting Note: Heady aromas of freshly made pralines coated in rich chocolate beautifully blends with notes of antique oak and fig jam. Delightful flavours of butterscotch, sweet herbs, and dried citrus coat the palate. The finish is a complex balance of fresh mint, luxardo cherries and maple cinnamon cookies.