We are delighted to announce that Kilchoman, independent farm distillery, has released a limited edition Loch Gorm Single Malt Whisky.

This is the third annual Loch Gorm Single Malt to be released by Kilchoman, however each release is unique.

Kilchoman’s Loch Gorm releases are traditionally matured in ex Oloroso sherry butts and this latest edition is no exception.  Where the 2015 version differs from the previous year is the use of sherry hogsheads to mature a portion of the whisky rather than just sherry butts.  This edition will also be marginally older than the five year old 2014 version, it being bottled from casks filled in both 2009 and 2010.

Anthony Wills, Founder and Managing Director of Kilchoman, said: “As well as this year’s release being slightly older, we decided to increase the ratio of single malt matured in smaller sherry hogsheads versus that matured in larger sherry butts.  This increases the influence from the sherry casks and gives the whisky a striking intensity and richness.  That said, the whisky retains the balance and complexity Kilchoman releases are well-known for.”

This range is named after a famously peaty loch overlooked by the distillery; Kilchoman draws water for the production of Loch Gorm and their other releases from the burn that runs into the loch.

Loch Gorm 2015
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