Thomas Hine & Co are delighted to be participating once more in the charity auction event ‘La Part Des Anges’; founded in 2006 by the ‘Bureau Interprofessionnel Du Cognac’ (BNIC), Hine have had an active role in the event since its foundation. This year, for the first time, it will be possible to bid for the rare cognacs online, including a Hine Grande Champagne Cognac Vintage 1964, (
This year’s annual charity auction of exceptional limited-edition cognacs, will take place on the 18th September at Bassac Abbey, a magnificent stone edifice dating from the 11th century, set in beautiful grounds surrounded by cognac vineyards, with all profits from the sale going to the “Children in Crisis” charity.
The name ‘La Part Des Anges’ (the ‘angels’ share) derives from the process whereby some of the alcohol content evaporates from the oak barrels during cognac’s long ageing. Therefore the ‘anges’ enjoy their fair share of Cognac before it is even in bottle.
The natural evaporation process means that the reserves of cognac are reduced by 2% each year and this is an integral part of the maturation process, allowing greater interaction between the eau-de-vie and the oak barrel. And it is through this ageing in French oak barrels with delicate tannins that HINE cognacs evolve their delicate fruity aromas and subtle perfumes. The cognac gradually becomes enriched with vanilla, spicy and oaky notes which complement the fruity and floral aromas.

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