2015 marks the third year of Champagne Pol Roger’s sponsorship of the Varsity Match, which has been the focus of Oxford and Cambridge rivalry since 1872. The 134th contest takes place on Thursday, December 10th at Twickenham Stadium. And this year, for the first time, the Womens’ match will take place at Twickenham immediately prior to the Mens’ match.

Champagne Pol Roger has been a longstanding supporter of the healthy competition between these two exceptional institutions; Pol Roger is also the official sponsor of the Varsity Blind Wine Tasting Match, now in its 62nd year, and sponsor of the Varsity Real Tennis and Rackets match as well as both the Oxford and Cambridge Real Tennis Clubs. Thus, the iconic Varsity Match represents a fitting extension of this ongoing support.

In advance of the match we travelled to both Cambridge and Oxford to hold a Pol Roger tasting with the teams, in order to explain a bit about the history of Maison Pol Roger to the players and the fact that Pol Roger remains fiercely independent and unrivalled in its reputation for quality, values which we feel are synonymous with the tradition of the Varsity Match. Equally, it offers an opportunity for the players to have a much needed break in the midst of an extremely busy Michealmas term!

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