Recipes: July 2014

Emily Scott, the Harbour Kitchen

‘To put it simply, Emily is passionate about food. She creates dishes that follow the seasons, gathering the finest ingredients and combining them simply and instinctively. It is in her kitchen where she feels most at home.
She loves nothing more than delighting others through food, bringing friends and family together around a table. Emily has 3 children; Oscar, Finbar and Evie who constantly amaze and inspire her.

Emily trained in France and it is her knowledge of the classic techniques that form the backbone to her skills. In 2000 she moved to Cornwall where she then successfully ran The Harbour Restaurant in Port Isaac for over 6 years. In 2013 she was named Best Chef South West by Food Magazine and was nominated as a Local Food Hero.

Whilst running the restaurant she developed The Harbour Kitchen. The Harbour Kitchen provides award winning bespoke catering for suppers, canapé parties, shoot dinners, celebrations, weddings and everything in between.
We source from the very best local suppliers. We create dishes that follow the seasons. We gather the finest ingredients and combine them simply and instinctively. Let us create the food for your occasion. Let us create a unique and carefully crafted menu that reflects your day – a true celebration. Let us cook for you. This is what we do.
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We thought this would match delightfully and is a perfect recipe for an early summer evening or light lunch. We loved the wine, its delicate aroma opening into a really fresh, crisp yet fleshy fruit flavour. The elements of Emily’s beautiful simple salad will compliment this wine; crisp peppery rocket, salty black olives, the zesty acidity of lemon, the freshness of the beans all balanced by creamy mozzarella.

It is in the simplicity of this dish that I find much of the pleasure.

Mozzarella, broad bean, olive, lemon and rocket salad. This recipe serves four.
Boil the broad beans until tender. Drain and season, add stoned small black olives. Toss the rocket and mint leaves with lemon juice and olive oil, and season. Tear the mozzarella into four. Put the leaves on the plate with the mozzarella. Sprinkle over the olives and beans.

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