William Alldis

William Alldis, The Shotgun Chef

William has been hunting, shooting and fishing all his life and creating delicious game recipes since his granny taught him how to weald a saucepan in the kitchen. Raised on a family farm in Epping, William’s love of cookery lead to him running sell-out pop up restaurants across Essex, writing a book How to run a Pop Up Restaurant and setting up his popular game cookery blog The Shotgun Chef.

A keen falconer and accomplished Shot, he contributes to Shooting Times, Countryman’s Weekly and ShootingUK, caters at The CLA Game Fair and holds cookery demonstrations for Scotland’s Natural Larder.

His current projects include his newly launched field to fork cookery school, which he runs with his wife on the Isle of Lewis. Visit www.theshotgunchef.co.uk to find out more.

Goose and coconut curry PAIRED WITH Josmeyer Pinot Gris ‘Le Fromenteau’ 2009

This Curry is fantastic for large groups of people and can be simmering away in the background while people tuck in to their starters. You don’t have to use goose – any dark meat will do such as grouse, beef, pheasant, venison, lamb or even goat!
Because it works so well with game, we tend to cook this curry in the autumn when we also have a glut of fresh, in-season beef tomatoes on our farm that helps create the delicious juicy sauce.

Serves 6
1 goose (or 1.5kg of alternative dark meat, suggested above)
4 good-sized onions (red or white)
50g extra virgin coconut oil
6 cloves of garlic
2 thumbs of fresh ginger
2 tbsp garam masala
4 tbsp medium curry powder
1.5kg fresh chopped beef tomatoes
4 carrots
2 cans coconut milk
1 small pot of creme fraiche

Pluck and take the breasts off the goose and chop this meat into cubes.The same applies if you
are using pheasant or grouse. Put to one side. Alternatively dice up the 1.5kg of beef, lamb,
venison or goat if you are not using game bird meat.

Finely chop 4 onions and sweat down in a frying pan over a high heat in 50g of extra virgin coconut
oil. Add the six chopped cloves of garlic and the thumbs of diced fresh ginger. Once the onions
have cooked to a soft golden brown, add your diced goose meat and move around the pan with a
wooden spoon so that the meat is sealed in the delicious seasonings. After 5 minutes, add the
ground garam masala and medium curry powder and, again, move the goose cubes around the
pan with the wooden spoon to coat the meat with these spices. Add the fresh chopped beef
tomatoes and simmer, uncovered, for five minutes, then add the grated carrots and pour in the
coconut milk. Simmer uncovered until the sauce has reduced by half (this takes around 30-45

Serve with fluffy rice, nan bread or fresh noodles, and a big dollop of creme fraiche.

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