George Grant is next in line to take over the Glenfarclas distillery and whisky empire from his father, John. For March’s Lunch with…. earlier this year, with George, he kindly brought along some other representatives of the younger generations; namely some 15, 21 and 25 year old whisky, as well as ten-year-old miniatures for all in attendance.
Needless to say, all ages of the “dark spirit” were very welcome. Over lunch, George, who is currently spending half his year on the road spreading word of the virtues of Glenfarclas worldwide, offered rare insight into a distillery, which is not required by corporate law to share much of its workings. The status of a privately-owned company might seem antiquated. At the same time, George explained that while other distilleries publish information about their inner workings, Glenfarclas enjoys the rare privilege of confidentiality. The many folk who bid to buy this longstanding family concern are just guessing as to its worth (before being told, politely but firmly, that Glenfarclas is not for sale anyway).
Glenfarclas produces vintage whisky and has bottles going back over half a century. There is not much of 1976 left, joked George, referencing the year of his birth. As for the aged whisky that George kindly brought all was greatly enhanced by being accompanied by the distillery’s back-story, with the 21-year-old being particularly appreciated, emerging as the lunch table’s favourite following a vote. Though George is doing masterful work in exporting Glenfarclas to countries all over the world, those round the table for Lunch with… would at the same time hope that decent volume stays within reach here.
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