Available from Spring 2020.

Champagne’s geographical location engenders capricious weather. For this reason, since their foundation in 1849 Pol Roger has observed the tradition of not releasing a vintage-dated champagne unless the climatic conditions permit the production of grapes of outstanding ripeness. A vintage champagne must, above all else, be a balanced champagne. This balance depends on the right blend of healthy grapes, a good potential alcohol and correct acidity. The first criterion for declaring a vintage wine is its capacity to age. Devotees who have the patience to age their champagnes are rewarded with a more complex and richer wine.


On the whole winter was mild and dry, however d1ere was a cold snap at the beginning ofFebruary. Following cool and rainy weather in early spring, unseasonal warm weather prevailed in late March, favouring an advanced budbreak. This was followed in turn by rain, mild weather and five spells of frost in April and May, of which two gave cause ttx concern. Furthennore, some vineyards were hit by hail on a number of occasions. These climatic challengesmade for great variation in rhe development of the grapes. Hot, sunny weamer from lace July d1rough co the first days of September, ensured chat the grapesreached an ideal maturity. TI1e yields were low, bur the grapes were in excellent health. Harvesting lasted from l Om co 26th September. TI1e 2012 crop showed a potential average alcohol content of l 0.6° and a coral acidity of7.8 g/1 H2SO4.


50% Pinot Noir
35% Chardonnay
15% Pinot Noir vinified en rouge


8 g/l


Pale raspberry with fine copper glints. The nose is opulent and well structured, with red berries and a rich spicy depm. TI1e palate taught, with a refreshing backbone of acidity, chat rounds out to a semarion of bursting redcurrants. A lively finish char is impressively long. Savour now for freshness or keep for many years to come for a richer and more opulent wine.


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