Glenfarclas Distillery

About Glenfarclas Distillery

In 1865, Glenfarclas distillery, nestled in the heart of Speyside, was purchased by a cattle breeder by the name of John Grant.  Today, the Glenfarclas spirit still lives strong and continues in family ownership under the direction of the 5th generation, John Grant.

Glenfarclas means ‘Valley of the Green Grassland’ and the spring water, which ensures the verdant green grass, is essential to the distinct flavour of Glenfarclas Highland Single Malt Whisky. It bubbles up, crystal clear, from the underlying granite on the slopes of the Speyside mountain, Ben Rinnes, to supply the distillery below.

There, it is combined with the finest malted barley, twice distilled in traditional, direct fired, copper pot stills and only the lightest and best fractions of alcohol are collected, to be matured in the finest Sherry oak casks over many years.

Times may have changed, but it’s what has stayed the same that makes Glenfarclas unique: the five generations of Grant family pride and the revered quality of their famous Single Malt Whisky.

105 Cask Strength

Alcohol: 60% vol (Cask Strength)

Nose: Complex, oaky, apples and pears, and a tempting dark toffee sweetness.

Flavour: Dry and assertive, develops quickly to reveal a rich spiciness, combined with a hint of oak and sherried fruit.

Finish: Amazingly smooth for the strength; wonderfully warming with a lingering smokiness, yet very rounded.

10 Year Old

Alcohol: 40% vol

Nose: Tempting sherry-sweet malty tones combine with a delicate smokiness, releasing subtle spices. 

Flavour: Delicately light, with a mouth-watering combination of maltiness, smokiness and sherry sweetness. 

Finish: Long, smooth and spicy, with a delicious, yet delicate, lingering smokiness.

12 Year Old

Glenfarclas 21

Alcohol: 43% vol

Nose: Fresh and beautifully light, sherried fruit combined with a tempting spicy sweetness and a hint of sappy oak.

Flavour: Full bodied with delightful sherried fruit, oak and delicious sweet sensations.

Finish: Long and flavoursome, with a lingering spiciness.

15 Year Old

Alcohol: 46% vol

Nose: Complex, sherried, deliciously peated, light butterscotch aromas, with a hint of dried fruit.

Flavour: Full bodied with a superb balance of sherried sweetness, malty tones and peaty flavours.

Finish: Long lasting, gloriously sherried, sweet, gently smoky, and distinguished.

25 Year Old

Alcohol: 43% vol

Nose: Complex, yet refined, delicately peated, with tempting aromas of marmalade, honey, freshly ground coffee, sherry and nuts. Some oaky tannins.

Flavour: Full-bodied and robust, the sherry and the oak fight for your attention yet neither is overpowering. A powerful nutty smokiness.

Finish: Intense, long lasting, dry smoky and malty. A beautiful dark Belgian chocolate taste at the back of the mouth to complete the flavour.

30 Year Old

Alcohol: 43%

Nose: Full complex aromas with fruit and sherried malty tones.

Flavour: With sherry, cognac, brandy, fruit, nuts, marzipan (and even icing), this is a wonderfully indulgent Christmas cake, in a glass!

Finish: A whisky you never want to end and it very nearly doesn’t. The finish is exquisite with a real taste of burnt chocolate at the back of your mouth.

35 Year Old

Alcohol: 43%

Nose: Reminiscent of roasted almonds, dried dark fruits and creamy toffee. 

Flavour: Sherried fruit, dark chocolate and raisins.

Finish: A lingering aftertaste of cinnamon and cocoa powder creating a warm decadent finish.

40 Year Old

Alcohol: 43%

Nose: The Glenfarclas 40 year old, now at 43% has a fresh sweetness and fruity Turkish delight aroma on the nose. Its freshness and power is similar to the first time you open a bag of freshly ground java coffee beans.

Flavour: Sweet taste, followed by a peppering of caramel and chocolate explosions. Sherry power creeping its way to the back of your mouth releasing dark chocolate, raisins and sultanas.

Finish: It ends with a sweet, crisp, dry and lingering finish.

53 Year Old

Alcohol: 42.1%

Nose: Heavy aromas of Oloroso Sherry, treacle toffee and Christmas cake. 

Flavour: Full bodied with rich, complex layers of sweet malty Sherry tones.

Finish: Extremely long finish with hints of spice, coffee, dark chocolate, tobacco and treacle, along with light hints of smoke.

Glenfarclas Whisky

The Family Casks

The Glenfarclas Family Casks are a unique collection of some of the best single casks from the distillery’s warehouses. Launched in 2007, the collection was initially comprised of 43 single casks with one from every year from 1952 to 1994. Vintages currently range from 1954 into the 2000s, spanning 6 decades, with more released each year.

It is the distiller’s intention to continue to offer as wide a range of consecutive vintage dated single casks as possible. The Family Casks are bottled at cask strength and natural colour, allowing you to explore the subtle differences between casks and the history of family owned Glenfarclas.