Bodegas Artadi

About Bodegas Artadi

Artadi dates back to 1985 when its current owner, Juan Carlos López de Lacalle, together with his family and thirteen local growers founded Artadi in the heart of Alava. Juan Carlos represents the 4th generation of winemakers, now joined by his son and 5th generation, Carlos.

At Artadi, they practice ‘respectful’ viticulture, based on organic and sustainable concepts, and stay faithful to the know-how of their ancestors.  Artadi’s primary focus is to produce unique wines; this they achieve with a respect for their rich historical heritage, a love of and deference to nature, and by championing the unique personalities of their wines.

Today, Artadi own 65 hectares of vineyard in their original site of Álava, in Laguardia, planted in soils with wide geological diversity. These distinctive vineyard sites give singularity to their wines, allowing the character of the fruit and the finesse of the tannins to shine.


100% Tempranillo

The style of this wine is characterised by aromas and flavours of fresh and delicate red fruits. Their sweet and subtle tannins generate velvety textures in the mouth.

This wine can be enjoyed at a young age expressing the youthfulness of each vintage or it can be rediscovered after having spent many years in the bottle. 


100% Viura 

The Viura grape lends its characteristic subtlety, slenderness, and minerality but with enough energy in bottle to allow this white wine long aging in the cellar.  

These wines have a balanced aroma and flavour in their first stages which becomes more remarkable through proper ageing in barrel and a long ageing in bottle.

LA HOYA 2019

100% Tempranillo

This is a wine with intense and bright red tones, aromas of red fruits fused in complex phenolic notes that generate depth in the nose. A marked personality that is structured on the palate, fruity, and with a round, broad tannic maturity that makes it easily recognisable. 


100% Tempranillo

A well defined and structured wine that contains angular shapes denoting power. Smooth and fresh, it has a great tannic backbone that allows the characteristic slenderness of this vintage to stand out.

The strength of its blended tannins and its powerful balance are most appreciable in the mid-palate. To be enjoyed now or in the next 20 years.


100% Tempranillo

This vineyard gives us “thick stroke” wines. There is plenty of volume and intense flavours of very ripe fruit. Broad, round and dense tannins abound, typical of a vineyard with character.


100% Tempranillo

A wine with deep sensations: one can feel the vibrant fruit along with fibrous and sculpted tannins. A fusion between ripe flavor profiles and the precision of mineral character, the projection of fine tannins and the encompassing texture of a delicate wine. 

Pol Roger Wine

A Family Promise: Expect the Extraordinary